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YMO Multimedia Artist

living in France and in Austria.
Studied in St. Tropez and Vienna, member of la Maison des Artistes (Paris)
Numerous prizes and exhibitions nationally and internationally

Leitmotif: MSMS - Music, Space, Motion & Speed.

In 1996 he started working with the computer and later with the internet. Project Manager K.I.D.S. (Art at school).
His concern: The thematic content is just the colour in the sense that there are neither cultural nor political nor existential connotations. The colour is the foundation of thinking, the ur-alphabet of the human spirit. The external shape is for me very important, therefore the long search for the forms and structures. Life is naked, life needs a shell structure. The nature of things is in a constant veiling process.
Current artistic focus: Digital painting, music, softsynth, 3D , video, and photography (Getty Images).

Openness to experience. Openness involves active imagination, aesthetic sensitivity, attentiveness to inner feelings, preference for variety, and intellectual curiosity. Creativity is a distinctive attribute of  the human species.

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